Wild Life Tour in India

Shy, elusive and always in herds, this is the best way to describe the majestic wild animals of India. Different types of wild animals are found in various forests, national parks and wild life sanctuaries. The diversity and variety of wild animals found in India is something which is matchless. There are around 96 national parks and over 500 wild life sanctuaries spread all over the country. Jim Corbett national park located in the foothills of Himalaya is the first national park to be set up in the country. India is home to many endangered species like Asiatic lion, Royal Bengal tiger, Barasingha and few more. It houses around eighty percent of the one horned rhinoceros of world.India has many exotic wild life tour destinations for the visitors to look out. From Himalayas to the southern state, each region of country hosts varied type of animals. Himalayan region which is abundant with dense forests has large presence of wild animals. This region is rich in flora and fauna and there is so much of diversity. Unlike Africa, the terrain and lifestyle of India is such that, most wild animals often prefer to live in groups and away from human vegetation. Tourists can visit India in any season to experience the wild animals but there are some particular time when they can be viewed best specially the migratory birds. India’s wild life sanctuaries are the best place to witness the most exquisite type of wild animals. The tourists visiting India have the option of trying out different types of wild life tour.Types of Wild Life TourNational Parks & Wildlife Sanctuary Tours of India
India has around 90 national parks spread across the country. As per the area and its geographical feature, these national parks give ample opportunities to the visitors to experience wild animals from very close quarter. The best thing about these national park is that animal live in their wild best. Jim Corbett, the first national park to be set up in country, is one of the most popular wild life reserve of India. This park offers a great chance to the visitors to the sight tiger at their wild best.

There are many other national parks like Ranthambore, Gir, Kaziranga, Kanha, Sunderbans, Bandipur and many more, which are always teemed with wild life lovers. Kaziranga national park located in Assam is famous for being home to one horned rhinoceros. While Gir national park which is located in Gujarat houses endangered Asiatic Lion. As visitors venture into these unknown territory, there are many surprises which await them.Bird Watching Tour
Bird watching is something which is inexpensive and satisfying. India which is home to large number of wild bird species, is the ideal destination for bird watching tour. There are around 1200 (roughly 13 % of world) different species of birds which are found in India which include some migrants. India’s varied vegetation and geography is responsible for such variation in the population of birds. There are various bird sanctuaries where visitors can view birds. Other than this the natural forests area also offers good chance to sight birds.Bharatpur bird sanctuary, located in Rajasthan, is the most popular bird sanctuary. This 29 sq-km wildlife park has around 300 different species of birds and is the second habitat in world to welcome Siberian cranes during winter. Tourists from all over world flock into this sanctuary to watch both indigenous and migratory birds. Some other famous bird sanctuaries are located in Kumarakom, Chilka Lake, Sultanpur. Himalayan region is quite popular to go for bird watching. Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of region and in the serene atmosphere they can sight some stunning species of birds.Elephant Safari Tour
Elephant safari take visitors to those tough terrain which cannot be covered by vehicles. As these elephants slowly and steadily move around, tourists sitting atop can have a good view of the animals and their way of life. In India, elephant safaris in Himalayan regions and Periyar area of Kerala are very popular. Elephant safari in north and north east regions which lie under the Himalaya can be great option to explore the area. Visitors can go for sighting tiger in the Corbett national park sitting on these elephants. Kaziranga national park in Assam offers a great experience of elephant safari. One horned rhino can be best viewed while in the elephant safari.Periyar wild life sanctuary in Kerala is the most famous hub of elephant safari in the country. It is also the safest elephant sanctuary possibly in the world as elephants have never attacked human here. Moving around on this elephant, visitors can have the best of the Periyar wild life sanctuary.

Tiger tour
Tiger, the national animal of India, is the most majestic and attractive of all. For some strange reason tiger, for centuries has been the favourite of animal lovers from across the world. The killing of tigers by the poachers and hunters have considerably reduced its population. But coming up of various national parks and wild life sanctuaries across country had led to the increase in the population of this wonderful animal. Today India houses half of the world’s tiger population. Indian tigers are known as Bengal or Royal Bengal tiger. It is endangered, charismatic and most powerful among all the cats.Tiger tour in India will cover some of the most stunning wild life sanctuaries and national parks. Ranthambore, Jim Corbett, Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Sariska are some of the prominent national parks where visitors can spot tigers in their wild best. Bandhavgarh and Kanha national park are best place to sight tigers in the wild. Even during the day tiger can be spotted roaming around in the park. Jim Corbett national park is another park which is popular among the tiger lovers. Project tiger, the ambitious conservation plan of government to save tiger was started from here in the year 1973. This park located in the foothills of Himalaya in Uttranchal attracts large number of tiger lovers from across the globe. Visitors can take a jeep or elephant safari to catch the majestic tiger. Seeing tiger from a close quarter will become the part of your memory through out the life.